Trials, Romance, and Faith on the Oregon Trail

antique photo of wagon train
A western silhouette of a couple dancing together

Rebecca’s Journey
Journey Series Book 1

Dance under the stars and moon. Ford rivers. Climb mountains. Trade with Native Americans. Heal the sick. Bury the dead. Live with indescribable fatigue, fall in love, celebrate at the end of the trail…

two gold rings on paper

Wedding at Journey’s End
Journey Series Book 1.5

Following several months of clearing land, building homes, and fencing forces Rebecca Pierce and Zachary Miller to postpone their wedding. February, and the promise of spring, becomes the perfect timing for the wedding the new community has been anticipating.

old schoolhouse painting

Katie’s Journey
Journey Series Book 2

James and Elizabeth Miller and their daughters Katie, Hazel, Helen, and Ruth finish their trek tired, dirty, and grief stricken.  

Wildflowers along a trail
Wildflowers along a trail, at Tom McCall Nature Preserve, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Aaron’s Journey
Journey Series Book 3 

Aaron Smith was twelve years old when he crossed the country with his parents. He learned to have hope and honor despite the tragedies and uncertainties in the early years of his life. Now, he had to learn how to be a man.     

Why Open Rood?

Open Rood sounds strange, but several years ago my husband and I thought it would be interesting to name any business we started The Open Rood. Why? Because my husband is named Frank Cross; Frank=Open (honest) Cross=Rood (an ancient name for cross). It’s merely a play on words. 

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    Patience has never been one of my better virtues, but I try not to pray for it. I’m waiting, on pins and needles, for the release date of REBECCA’S JOURNEY from The Wild Rose Press. Soon. Soon. Soon. As a teaser, here are pictures of three of the main characters: Here are some scenes from…

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  • My Favorite Things

    My Favorite Things

    It seems that every year as fall drops into winter several things come to mind. The birth of Jesus. Christmas. Cold weather. Family. Memories. One of my favorite songs is “My Favorite Things” performed by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. The song was written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers in 1959….

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  • A Month of Retreat, Meet-the Author, and Book Signing Events

    A Month of Retreat, Meet-the Author, and Book Signing Events

    October flew by like the geese flying south for the winter. It began with a retreat at my cousin’s lake house on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma. After a summer of one hundred degree plus days the taste of fall was welcome. Five author friends from Texas and Louisiana joined me. The week was…

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