Why Open Rood?

Open Rood sounds strange, but several years ago my husband and I thought it would be interesting to name any business we started The Open Rood. Why? Because my husband is named Frank Cross; Frank=Open (honest) Cross=Rood (an ancient name for cross). It’s merely a play on words. 

About Me

My background

The drawl that flows like molasses from my mouth each time I speak is clear evidence that I was raised in west Texas and southeast New Mexico.  

Over the years, as an adult, I’ve lived in Rhode Island, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma ~ where I currently reside. 

Winona Bennett Cross

Award-Winning Author and Retired Nurse ~ Winona Bennett Cross

  • Mother, Grandmother, Avid Reader and Writer. 
  • Favorite Color: Yellow 
  • Favorite Food: Mexican 
  • Favorite Flowers: Lilacs & Roses

My style

I write historical and contemporary novels with romantic elements but prefer reading Historical fiction.

About The Journey Series

Journey of Honor-Journey Series Book 1

Dance under the stars and moon. Ford rivers. Climb mountains. Trade with Native Americans. Heal the sick. Bury the dead. Live with indescribable fatigue, fall in love, celebrate at the end of the trail…

Wedding at Journey’s EndJourney Series Book 1.5

Following several months of clearing land, building homes, and fencing forces Rebecca Pierce and Zachary Miller to postpone their wedding. February, and the promise of spring, becomes the perfect timing for the wedding the new community has been anticipating.

Journey of  Hope—Journey Series Book 2  

James and Elizabeth Miller and their daughters Katie, Hazel, Helen, and Ruth finish their trek tired, dirty, and grief stricken.  

Journey of Healing—Journey Series Book 3 

Aaron Smith was twelve years old when he crossed the country with his parents. He learned to have hope and honor despite the tragedies and uncertainties in the early years of his life. Now, he had to learn how to be a man.     

Dianne's Destiny - cover coming soon
First Place IDA Contest Sponsored by OKRWA 2016
Dianne’s Destiny, winner of 2016 IDA award!
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My Miniature Horse Flynn!
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