person typing on a laptop
person typing on a laptop

Good evening, I just wanted to send along an update about what’s going on in my writing world.

Rebecca’s Journey is finished. It’s been through several back and forth with the first editor and now is in the capable hands of the second editor. I have my fingers crossed and prayers lifted for a publication in the new year. 2023, can you believe it?

Katie’s Journey, Book two in the Journey Series, is underway at a fast clip.

Character sketches for the main characters have been fleshed out.

A working outline is sitting beside me as I write this. I’m very excited about this book. It’s that initial “where is this thing going to go” feeling of apprehension, expectation, and wonder as words come to life.

Serious research has begun. I can easily get lost in research. I have to be careful not to let that happen. Let me tell you, the expectations for female teachers in 1846 are head-shaking crazy in our world these days. That’s another blog post to be coming soon. Complete with photos.

Katie Miller, the main character, is eighteen and wants nothing more than to be a schoolteacher in the Oregon Territory. Her parents are against her wishes, they believe she should get married and have children.

Katie’s brother, Zachary, is a main character in Book Two of the Journey Series. He traveled to the Oregon Territory the previous year, 1845.

Thank you for reading. I wonder, are you interested in the Westward Expansion and the Oregon Trail?


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