Cover of Rebecca's Journey by Winona Bennett Cross

Patience has never been one of my better virtues, but I try not to pray for it. I’m waiting, on pins and needles, for the release date of REBECCA’S JOURNEY from The Wild Rose Press. Soon. Soon. Soon.

As a teaser, here are pictures of three of the main characters:

Here are some scenes from First Winter at Journey’s End.

THE FIRST WINTER AT JOURNEY’S END should be completed in a few months. It is a novella taking place between Books One and Two of The Journey Series. It takes place in the new community of Journey’s End and homestead for Rebecca and Zachary along with several characters from the first book and some new ones. The story includes surviving a snowstorm, sharing Christmas, and the wedding of Rebecca and Zachary.


Hacker Attack Warning

Last but least, a warning. Hackers and Scammers are alive and well. I panicked early one morning and called the pop-up informing me I had been attacked by malware. I fell for it. Two hours later, I realized it was indeed a scam. I stopped payment on a $549 check. The next day I took my computer to the Geeks. They found 44 malicious downloads, a back door to get in and do more damage, plus some other things I don’t understand. My old computer was cleaned, but I ended up buying a new one. It just feels safer. The name of the people who just wanted to help me is Support 24*7. I still get Spam calls, but don’t answer them. The last time I talked to a person there I asked her if her mother knew she lied for a living. She hung up on me. Have you ever been hacked?

Enjoy the post. Join me in looking forward to Rebecca’s Journey. Stay aware out there.


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