Summer of ’23

Summer of 1969

In 1984 Bryan Adams sang a great song, Summer of ’69. I loved that song. Still do. It reminds me of my own summer of ’69. The year I graduated from high school.

The Summer of ’23 has been full of good and bad. It began on May 2nd when my husband, Frank, had open heart surgery. He received a “beautiful bovine” aortic valve replacement according to his surgeon. How is a bovine valve beautiful? However, a nasty aneurysm was trying to get just big enough to burst. That was downright scary. He’s doing well now, still recovering, but the future looks promising.

EKG with a heart

On June 14th I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder-the dominant hand-shoulder. I have never encountered such intense and unrelenting pain. The recovery is ongoing with physical therapy. Let me tell you that is brutal. I can usually recognize improvement. I am an impatient soul and I do not have time for this. I can’t fix the back of my hair or put on mascara without smearing it. And, getting dressed, what fun that is. It should become an Olympic sport.

skeleton showing shoulder pain

The summer has included some good news. The first weekend of August I attended the Inaugural RomanceLahoma Conference. It was fun. Truly fun. A masquerade. An evening to dress up. Book signing. Speakers. Swag, lots of swag. Everything from Erotic to Sweet Romance. I think it will become “the weekend conference to attend”.

I will be attending WriterCon 2023 over Labor Day weekend. For the first time I will have a table to actually sell books. I’m nervous about it, but it will work out.

BUT! The best news is this. The new completely revised copy of Dianne’s Destiny is out there in the world. I’m proud of it. I’ve added detailed scenes from Waurika, Oklahoma and Wichita Falls, Texas.

The Friends of the Library in Waurika contacted me wanting to buy a few copies for their library. Wow! I had never considered having a book in a library. A friend of mine from Wichita Falls contacted me. She wanted me to send her ten copies to sell at a class reunion. Goodness!

I am so thankful.

Last thing. Rebecca’s Journey (Journey of Honor) is sitting with a senior editor at The Wild Rose Press. I’m on pins and needles. Hurry up and wait.

A western silhouette of a couple dancing together.

How has your summer been? Have you made new memories?

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