Margie Lawson Immersion

wagon with pumpkins and squash
wagon with pumpkins and squash

September was a busy, busy, busy month. The highlight was a five day Immersion with Margie LawsonWe met at the top of her mountain in Colorado. Donna, Julie, Mary, Peggy, Vanessa, and I showed up with laptops and binders expecting to work, how much work Donna and Vanessa knew because they had attended Immersion before. The rest of us had no clue. 

5 women at a cabin in the woods
Mary, Julie, Margie, Peggy, and Vanessa

 Immersion is working to improve a manuscript using rhetorical devices, finding words that need to be axed, adding high impact phrases, and other choices to add punch. Immersion is not an editing course. It is so much more . . .
It is working nine to twelve hours a day on a manuscript. It is sharing. It is feeling like a champion one moment and like your face just slammed into a brick wall the next. It is having great meals and snacks at Margie’s cabin. It is reaching a level of fatigue you never knew you could reach and still keep on working. And, it is meeting new friends. We named our group Lightning on the Page. It was suggested that we call ourselves Chick Peas, because I discovered Hummus, and I ate it every chance I got.
I think we all remember rhetorical devices such as Simile, Alliteration, and Hyperbole. Do you recall things like:

The dirty dog died in Dallas (alliteration).The mumps made her cheeks look like a chipmunk had hidden its stash in her mouth. (simile)I am so hungry I could eat a horse. (hyperbole)

But, have you heard of other devices such as Anadiplosis—repeating the last word of one sentence at the beginning of the next sentence.

Anaphora—Repeating a word or phrase at the beginning of three or more successive phrases or sentences.
There are several more rhetorical devices that punch up and maximize an author’s words. 

Enjoy some photos from my stay on the mountain. Beauty at every turn. History in the Rockies.  

I hope I can attend another Immersion with my next book. Learn more about Immersion with Margie at

Rebecca’s Journey is moving along well. I expect to type The End soon. Then, it goes to Pamela Thibodeaux for first round edits. Then, I make repairs based on Pam’s suggestions. Then, it goes to Alicia Dean for the last edits. Then, I make changes again and again and again. Then, Rebecca’s Journey will be available for others to enjoy. It’s been a long journey.

Have a wonderful Fall Season. Watch for creatively costumed creatures when your door bell rings on Halloween. Enjoy the cooler weather. Enjoy Friday Night Football.

Until next time…Journey Onward to your destination. 



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