Privacy Policy

Welcome to my “W” heavy website—“Wandering and Wondering With Words”. My name is Winona “Faye” Cross. The author name I use is Winona Bennett Cross. I hope those who visit this site enjoy it, but most of all I want visitors to know I take your privacy seriously. It is important to you and to me.

The only information I store about you on this website is information you provide.

Let’s chat!

Discussions are allowed. Feel free to post comments. The site will collect your name, email address, IP address, and your comments. If you would like to have your messages or comments taken off, shoot me a message on the contact page. I will remove your information.


It’s not just canned meat. This website protects you and your information by comparing your name and addresses with a long list of known SPAM senders via CleanTalk, a site that stores your private information for a short time, giving me an opportunity to contest its decision if I disagree.


When you subscribe (bless you) I make a note by collecting your name, email address, and IP address from the subscription form. CleanTalk monitors my newsletter sign-ups as well. If I send you a newsletter, it will go through normal email channels. No outside tracking!


I’m not talking about peanut butter. When you come to the website, you’ll be offered a list of cookies that you can accept or decline. Some of them are “functional,” meaning that the website needs them to work. For example, once CleanTalk decides you aren’t a spammer, it’ll set a cookie on your browser to let you wander the site in peace. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a website. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer.


I adore children, but please make note that children under the age of 16 should not visit or comment on the website without parental permission.

Last Word

Mind your P’s and Q’s. This is a public site. Anyone can read anything posted. Please avoid posting sensitive information.