Disappointment and Satisfaction as an Author: Rebecca’s Journey

A western silhouette of a couple dancing together
A western silhouette of a couple dancing together

Not long ago, I typed “The End” on my novel Rebecca’s Journey. I thought. When I was reading through to prepare for the editor, I found a crucial passage and scene near the end that didn’t sound right.

I spent a few days ruminating and realized I was being too nice to the characters and some of the history wasn’t accurate. I didn’t have enough follow-through. I needed more historical data to provide the missing pieces.

For days I researched and found the missing information. I had to contact a museum curator at Fort Vancouver, Washington and print a lengthy dissertation about the Oregon Trail published in 2020. It was truly enlightening, not to mention humbling.

I took a deep breath, gathered my notes, sat down, and finished the novel. Following another read through I sent the manuscript to the editor. Thus, on October 9, 2022 the next phase of getting a book into the world began.

I received the first pass suggestions from the editor. It’s amazing what magic editors can do.

Have you as an author ever had to delete up to 3,000 words? Have you found glaring mistakes? As a reader, have you read a historical passage that seemed incorrect? If so, did you contact the author?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this post.

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