A Month of Retreat, Meet-the Author, and Book Signing Events

picture from the lake house shows a lake

October flew by like the geese flying south for the winter. It began with a retreat at my cousin’s lake house on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma. After a summer of one hundred degree plus days the taste of fall was welcome. Five author friends from Texas and Louisiana joined me.

The week was spent writing, eating, talking, and sprints.

Retreat, that simple word, is poorly defined. It can’t describe camaraderie, trust, like minds, or the triumph of learning something new or defeating a troublesome paragraph or chapter.

My book, Dianne’s Destiny, features many scenes from Waurika, Oklahoma and Wichita Falls, Texas. Because of those scenes from my own memories, I was invited by the
Waurika Friends of the Library to an author meet and greet and book signing. It was a first for me.

And, an honor, I doubt I’ll ever forget.

The small library is in the almost a century old Rock Island Train Depot. It’s now a museum. I recall stories of two of my aunts coming to visit my grandparents on a train stopping at that very station. My mother was still a girl, but she remembered it.

Waurika Oklahoma pictures from book signing

It is my hope that your fall will be one of bright colors and peace.


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